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After graduating Baylor Law, I began my law career as a law clerk to Honorable Paul Brown, United States District Judge, Eastern District, Sherman Division.  I served in this capacity until August, 1987.  I joined the law firm of Cantey Hanger in Fort Worth, Texas where I practiced in many areas of the law serving companies and individuals.  For instance, I successfully prosecuted a Robinson Patman Act claim against the largest producer of urea in the United States, Mississippi Chemical Corporation.  At the same time, I successfully defended a mesothelioma claim against the Great Southwest Railroad.

I left Cantey Hanger in 1991 and moved back to Sherman, Texas to start a private practice.  I wanted to develop personal relationships with people and have them come to me because they knew me or they knew somebody that I had served in the past and were referred by them.  It’s very gratifying to know you have made a real difference in someone’s life, and that is, and was then, the goal I set about to achieve.

Now, I have a practice which serves people of all walks of life and with all types and kinds of problems.  After all, that is exactly what I am - “A problem solver”.

I handle criminal defense for those who need my services.  But, at the same time, I prosecute companies like Lincoln National Life Insurance and Merrill Lynch for misrepresenting a product sold to a couple nearing their retirement years expecting the product to carry them through the “golden years” and still have something to leave behind for their children, when in fact the product is an annuity and eventually will deplete to having no account value.

I won a lawsuit where I represented a shareholder in a closely held corporation who had been induced to signing a buy-sell agreement, the terms of which did not value all the oil reserves of the closely held exploration company.  When she decided to sell her shares, the company applied the formula of the buy-sell agreement and told her that she was entitled to 1.4 Million for her 15 percent ownership of the company.  I got her 3 Million for her shares in the company.

I have prosecuted product liability claims.  The latest products case I prosecuted was a claim against Ford.  Suit was filed in Mississippi.  The case was tried three times.  The first two trials resulted in hung juries.  The third trial resulted in a finding against Ford and in favor of my client for 3 Million.

I prosecuted a negligence claim for a car accident which resulted in a settlement of 5.5 Million.

Just last year, I prosecuted claims against two trucking companies for an accident occurring on I-20 which left my client with a closed head injury.  In that suit, a combined settlement with all defendants generated a total of 1.25 Million for my clients.

I have handled hundreds of child custody suits and divorces.

Suffice it to say that these are just a sample of the variety and types of problems I have worked to solve for my clients over the years.  One thing is for certain - if you are my client, then you are going to get 100 percent of my effort on your behalf.  Try me.

Gary D. Corley

Sherman, Texas

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